This page contains links to free samples of written and recorded compositions of Kevin O'Connell.

Piano Trio No. 2 (performed by the Kungsbacka Trio, February 2015) (recording)

Little Overture (2014) (recording)

Piano Trio (2001): Scherzo (performed by Lontano) (recording | score)

Four Orchestral Pieces (2003-2006) for large orchestra; performed by the RTE National Symphony Orchestra: No. 2 Slåttar (recording | score)

All The Live Long Way (1998); poem by Samuel Beckett, performed by the National Chamber Choir (recording | score)

'Three Sacred Songs: 'My Master Hath a Garden', performed by Anna Devin, accompanied by Deborah Kelleher (recording | score)

Piano etude no. 1, performed by Izumi Kimura (recording | score)

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